Marc-Antoine Dupont Vertical Motion

Curated by Sarah Stanley, May 2006 Design Williamsburg

Vertical Motion, the title for this series of abstract photograms, explore the rhythm and shifting volumes in scale of city architecture.   Like Russian Constructivism that utilized basic volumes to create multi-dimensional compositions, Marc-Antoine uses the square as the basic form for his spatially dynamic collages. A sense of blurred movement is created through multiple exposure techniques that expose graduated areas of light and dark.

De Stijl, the Dutch art movement that brought artists such as Mondrian together with architects Oud and Rietveld, sought to break down distinctions between art, architecture and design. At the Bauhaus, art and design were joined through the efforts of Moholy Nagy, a key transitional figure who made use of the photogram, double exposures and x-rays to conduct spatial experiments in relation to architectural form. In this same experimental spirit, Marc-Antoine is working in direct relationship to design


Sarah K. Stanley, a London-based art writer and media producer, has curated video, photography and installation projects, and produces writing, video and photography projects about architecture and urban subjects, in collaboration with international artists.