ArchiText Interviews Matthias Hoch, Leipzig Photographer

Hoch explains how the cinema of Wim Wenders led him to his architectural series of East German urban interiors in Berlin, Leipzig, and Dresdan before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

[Excerpt from 1 hour Interview]
Series  on Architectural  Environments,  including sculptural installations,  art photography and art video.
Interview,  texts available on Urban Interiors DVD  [to be released 2011]

“Some films like The American Friend with Dennis Hopper I could see it in the East. But other films not.   I was attracted by this way to look at functional architecture.    Like in The American Friend, you see these tube stations in Paris, the camera  is moving across the facades in the twilight…I was excited by these artificial colors and so I decided to take photographs of my immediate surroundings.   I often traveled by train.   It took half a year to get a permit  to photograph the stations. “


Sarah K. Stanley, a London-based art writer and media producer, has curated video, photography and installation projects, and produces writing, video and photography projects about architecture and urban subjects, in collaboration with international artists.