Joseph Beuys- Guggenheim Museum

Footage of Guggenheim Museum footage of Bueys installation, 1979.

I was invited by artist Roland Fischer to make my own research project at the Guggenheim, related to his own work.  We worked for a full day making images of the architecture for analysis.  It is a work in progress that will include archival images of the new types of installation methods employed in this new type of modern art museum that has now become a global architecture.  This project intersects with Textual Interventions, my series of essays about sculptural environments.  Bueys originated the idea of social sculpture, or the idea that the audience interacted with the objects that instigated new forms of social relations.  The Guggenheim can also be thought of this type of sculptural work.  

 no fixed position of the object. every object can be changed by social action.


Sarah K. Stanley, a London-based art writer and media producer, has curated video, photography and installation projects, and produces writing, video and photography projects about architecture and urban subjects, in collaboration with international artists.