Video Works by Rebecca Loyche

by Sarah K. Stanley

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  • Still Life I, II, III The Still Life series records icons of personal memories and decorations on a typical table in any home as an old building is undergoing renovation in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin. 

A 45-minute protest speech edited down to 4 minutes based on the tone of the speakers, the emotion of the sign language interpreter and the crowds' reaction. 

Spoken Icelandic and Icelandic Sign Language are recognized as two different languages, with approximately 320,000 people speaking Icelandic and 200 + people using Icelandic Sign as their primary language. 

The title Hvalreki means stranded whale in Icelandic and an English comparable translation would be Windfall. The irony of a stranded whale is a dying beast or food for a hungry village, some good can come if changes are demanded.


Sarah K. Stanley, a London-based art writer and media producer, has curated video, photography and installation projects, and produces writing, video and photography projects about architecture and urban subjects, in collaboration with international artists.