Sarah Stanley in Demand at Dutch Embassy, Berlin

Sarah Stanley in Demand at Dutch Embassy, Berlin
Photo by Matthias Hoch


Recented published "Metabolism and Contemporary Tokyo" by Sarah Stanley

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June, 20
33.2013 Senses Contents

Theme: Aisthesis

Architecture and Urbanism
  • "Against the Empire: Pier Vittorio Aureli On the Possibility of an Absolute Architecture," Tim Anstey
  • "A Third Wave of Receptions: Space as Concrete Abstraction, Lukasz Stanek on Henri Lefebvre," Sten Gromark
  • "The Japanese Were Never Modern: Metabolism’s Supra- Modernity," Sarah K. Stanley
  • "The Digital Dissolution of Disegno," Staffan Lundgren


Alternative Modernisms in Cardiff

Alternative Modernisms: An Interdisciplinary Conference at Cardiff University, 16-18 May 2013Summary of my paper to be presented.

[Metabolist Contamination of Architectural Representations]This research investigates the mix of art, architecture, urbanism, information systems and ecology that emerged with Metabolist thinking and image production during the 1950s and 60s. I will use the Metabolist production to discuss the variable conditions for architectural modernity in Japan.  The Metabolists fed upon and absorbed strains of European and American modernism, yet later processed it through an elaborate philosophy that drew upon the life sciences. Unlike OMA’s recent research ‘Project Japan’, which focuses upon the output of individual architects, I will draw upon theories drawn from media studies and critical theory of the image, archive and monument. A selection of Japanese films relating to the urban devastation of the Atom bomb will also be used to consider the alternative modernities developed by Metabolism. 


Art Writer in Residence Berlin

Reading from my "This Building is not a Readymade" and "Beautiful Urbanism: A Western set in Queens" late nite lecture performance at Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin

Art writer and research scholar in residence at ZK/U in Berlin, 2012- 13.


Sarah K. Stanley, a New York and Berlin-based art writer and media producer, has curated video, photography and installation projects, and produces writing, video and photography projects about architecture and urban subjects, often in collaboration with international artists.

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